Meet the Team

Dr. Bhanu Chaudhri


Dr. Chaudhri’s journey through continents and cultures has shaped him into a compassionate and accomplished veterinarian. Born in India and raised in the vibrant community of Rochester, New York, his multicultural upbringing has infused his approach to animal care with a unique blend of perspectives.

His educational pursuit took him across the globe, beginning with his completion of a Bachelor’s degree in veterinary science from Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University in Punjab, India, in 2009. This foundational experience laid the groundwork for his unyielding passion for animals and their well-being.

Dr. Chaudhri’s quest for excellence led him to further his clinical proficiency at prestigious institutions. His dedication took him to the hallowed halls of Tufts University and Tuskegee University, where he immersed himself in advanced training, honing his skills and expertise. In 2013, he emerged as a licensed veterinarian in the state of California, marking November 1st as a pivotal day in his career.

Dr. Chaudhri’s dedication to veterinary care is mirrored in his personal life. His wife, Dr. Rana, shares his passion for animal welfare, creating a bond that extends beyond their professional careers. Together, they form a dynamic duo, committed not only to their shared love for animals but also to nurturing a family of their own. Their beautiful daughter, Zoya, brings joy and a renewed sense of purpose to their lives.

In their household, a charming Shitzu named Bentley adds a touch of canine companionship. This furry family member exemplifies Dr. Chaudhri’s belief in the importance of pets as integral parts of our lives.

Dr. Chaudhri’s journey from India to New York, and from education to practice, reflects a steadfast commitment to providing exceptional veterinary care. His multicultural background, extensive education, and family values culminate in a veterinarian who goes beyond the call of duty, offering not only medical expertise but also a genuine connection to both animals and their human companions.

Anurag Thakur

Practice Manager / Consult

Anurag Thakur is a distinguished presence within the realm of veterinary care, lending his expertise to Veterinary Insight Solutions since 2021. As a key figure within the Veterinary Practice, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience garnered over a span of more than three decades.

Anurag’s professional journey has been marked by his extensive involvement with Fortune 100 companies, where he played pivotal roles in Sales, Marketing, and Operations. Alongside this, his track record boasts the successful management of multi-million-dollar enterprises within the expanse of Sacramento Valley.

Having found his home in the city of Sacramento, Anurag’s commitment to both business and community is evident. His educational background is a tapestry woven with accomplishments in various domains, but his true passion lies in the veterinary industry. Motivated by a desire to intertwine his corporate acumen with his love for animals, Anurag embarked on his role within the Veterinary Insight Solutions.

Anurag’s reverence for animals stems from their steadfast loyalty and the comfort they offer in the hustle and bustle of modern life. His dedication to animals is rooted in the belief that they bring positivity and solace to everyone’s lives.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Anurag’s personal life is colored by his role as a devoted father to two vibrant teenage daughters. Both engaged in volunteer work and active participation in sports like tennis, volleyball, and swimming, they reflect Anurag’s commitment to community and family values. Anurag himself finds serenity and challenge on the golf courses scattered across the globe, embodying a balance between his roles as a dedicated professional, a nurturing father, and a passionate golfer.